We value family, performance and one-of-a-kind craftsmanship.

  • Over 5 decades of award-winning history.
  • Most models holding up to 12 passengers.
  • High-quality comfort, versatile function & unforgettable style.

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Quality first

Our goal is to make dreams come true by meeting and exceeding expectations while creating a boat that will deliver a lifetime of excitement.

Chaparrals combine hand-crafted quality and cutting-edge technology to meet the latest material certifications and regulations, ensuring lasting durability.

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Perfect for a day out

With most Chaparral models holding up to 12 passengers, you can bring the whole group on your next trip. Plan a day out in the sun, go fishing, prepare a quick and easy meal on the deck, and explore the waters.

A new Chaparral boat will get you to your destination efficiently and give you the freedom to appreciate the entire experience.


Variety of layouts

From outboard to luxury to wakesurf boats, a new Chaparral boat is incredibly spacious. Each boat model offers a slightly different layout, giving you the flexibility to bring everything you need.

From coolers to extra towels, books, water noodles, water bottles, bug repellent, sunscreen, games, and more, you’ll be prepped with everything you need with plenty of space.